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Well, I do not know about you but 80% of my shopping now happens online!
It is so easy, you can find so many choices that would be impossible to search physically in an actual store. You can compare the prices and find the better offer. And also you can access stores and markets that go beyond the borders of your country.
And also since this market has grown so much the online offe such an amazing customer service!
You can receive items without shipping costs, you can return the items free of charge, you can see videos and photos of the items worn by models (like a virtual fitting room), reviews and photos from other customers!
Shopping has transformed in the best possible way!

There are many shops that I always gravitate to for quite some time now:

Well, I will start with my most favourite one that is also one of the most popular out there.
Based in the UK, Asos was founded in the year 2000 that makes it one of the oldest ones and most popular worldwide.
I have been shopping in Asos since 2011 and I always had a great shopping experience with them.
The items that they have are endless!
You can find clothes, accessories, cosmetics (amazing brands that you cannot find easy everywhere), shoes, homeware.....
They have their one line but they colaborate with so many popular brands that you cannot imagine: Bershka, Pull&Bear, Monki, &Other stories, some designer brands also like Ted Baker, DKNY, Hugo Boss.
You can find items for any occassion, for example a wedding or for sports and at any price point.
Their Sales are also amazing! 
They offer Free Delivery for orders over 30€ and they arrive in Greece in around a week! (If you are in a hurry with 20€ you can have them at your door the next day! A little bit expensive but imagine that that is how much it would cost you for a taxi ride to and from downtown Athens -actually the taxi ride might be more expensive!)
Totally recommend it!

We all shop in the physical stores but they are so cramped with customers every day of the week that make this alternative a paradise!
You can see all the new deliveries, you can search for a specific item that you need - in store this is so difficult to happen or to see all the similar options for something that you search for.
Need to see only leather shoes - only four clicks away!
Also there is the Special Price section that you can see all items that are discounted within the season. And you can always find great items here!

Another British online site with affordable items. 
You can find here all the latest trends at a much cheaper price.
They also have great collaborations with the most famous influencers and with famous brands like MissguidedxBarbie!
You will find very good prices and very good Sales!

This is the online platform for all Chinese shops' online sites.
They offer also wholesale in their mother site Alibaba.com (one of the most successful businesses in China) and Aliexpress is the site for the retail purchases.
In here you can see all the items that you can find in Ebay.com that are sent from China but in better prices since the Ebay shops have intermediate sellers, that also make a profit, and in Aliexpress you have the producers' shops. 
The items' quality was the main issue since they have the "Made in China" stigma but they have improved so much during the years. My first purchased here was 8 years ago, almost at the beginning of the site, so I have witnessed their evolution in quality and customer service over the years. 
The most important factor that you need to keep in mind in order to have a good shopping experience in this site is the customers' comments and item photos.
Search for best seller items with a lot of purchases and a good rating. And also customers reviews with photos of the items that they received. And you can proceed to purchase!
Items arrive within a month usually with a tracking number through the Post Office -that is dependable- and mostly with free delivery costs. There are choices for a faster delivery through courier services but I do not recommend them since they are the ones that are mostly checked by customs since the additional delivery costs are added in the customs 25€ limit. Customs may interfere with orders since they arrive from a country outside EU (for orders above the limit). 
For the 8 years that I shop from here I have never had a customs issue with an order but I mostly buy cheap items (accessories, clothes) always with the basic shipping choice. If I need more items I try to seperate orders in smaller amounts. For more expensive items you can ask from the seller to declare it as a gift (they usually do it on their own but a reminder is better than face the customs procedure later) or to declare a lower price - within reason because of course customs can spot these tricks. 
(You can find in older blog posts of my Online Shopping hauls items that I purchased from Aliexpess and they were amazing!)

Happy shopping then!

-- xoxo

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