What to watch on Netflix in October?

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The weather in getting colder and colder so we more and more stay in and binge on shows and movies.
If you have Netflix and you would like to see something that will keep you occupied more than an hour and a half these are my most favourite shows to watch!
They are the more fun ones that can easily be missed in the long Netflix lists!

The Good Place

A show that is so fun to watch. Currently in its third season this show was so unexpectedly good!
What happens in the after life?! Well for every single deed we do in this life there is a counter that gives a final result when we die! And with that final score we end up in the Good Place or the Bad Place! This is the story of the Good Place. With a lot of humor and frozen yogurt!


Sophia Amoruso, founder of Nasty Gal - a huge very succesfull online shop- tells her story on how she started from the bottom and really made it to the top! Very inspiring and is a true GirlBoss. 
(Well, not now now since she went bankrupt somewhere along the way. Probably it is true what they say: When you reach the top, then the only way is down.)

Stay Here

AirBnB is a huge platform for short term rent of property all over the world. 
And this show help people, that want to start or are already renting, make the most of their property and have a great montly income. They redecorate, give advice and become mentors for these new businessmen. Loved it and it mentally traveled me in so many places!

Zumbo's Just Desserts

Andrian Zumbo is the most successful pastry chef of Austalia. See this show and you will see why!
A cake that can float? Yes, he can do it! With a lot of sugar and a little bit of magic.
This show is a competition among some very talented pastry chefs  that will inspire you so much to go in the kitchen and start baking! Amazing desserts in every single episode!

Sugar Rush

Similar to Just Desserts but focused on cakes. Another very sweet competition!
You will see some of the most amazing cake decoration skills that you cannot even imagine!
Have some cake in the fridge before watching! You will need it!

Million Pound Menu

For some people the dream of a lifetime is to own their own restaurant. 
In this cooking challenge this dream comes true but for only 3 days. Can they step up to the task and find funding to make their dream a reality? Well you will see some very talented amateur and professional chefs make it or break it!

Hope you will enjoy these titles!
Have some to recommend?
Please do in the comments!!!


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