Dan Humphrey is the father of Blair's baby???

by - 09:48


   After watching the first episode of the 5th season I had the feeling that it was quite boring. Probably because all  I wanted to know was the answer to the question that was left hanging from the previous season "Who is pregnant?"!  And that was only answered at the last scene of the episode.
    So, do we expect a Chuck Buss junior???!Hm.... This will of course make everything more complicated. What will Blar do? She looked lost from her reaction to the question about the baby. Will she keep the baby? Probably yes! Of course this wedding will be off.  Too bad, bacause I really liked the prince!
   The only other thing confusing was Dan's part to the story. What does  the book say about Blair!? Why he was ready to leave with her in a minute? Does he really love her!?? Can the baby be Dan's???? This will be a great surprise! Especially to Chuck!
   We will wait for episode No 2! Maybe some questions will be answered there!
P.S. How can gossip girl know EVERYTHING??


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