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        I love shopping! Who doesn't, right? Going to a mall or downtown, to search inside a shop a great deal and find a great item to bring home with me... Ahhh!!!
       But lately something has changed.... I get pretty easily bored doing this. I don't find as many interesting items as I used to in stores. I don't like having people around pushing me and getting in front of me. I don't like that I must always keep my mind for my bag in order not to get stolen... And everyhing feels more expensive!
I recently concluded on why all of these things started to bother me much more than before.
Because online shopping started to be much more important and interesting for me than it used to be. It is getting as much fun as the actual thing...!!

And the reasons are the following online shops that have become my favourite shopping destinations. The options are endless and the service that they provide is so complete that I can find anything that I need and want!

And this is the list of my favourite online shops with all my thoughts on what to watch out also :

    My king of e-shops! You can find everything! Literally EVERYTHING! A search is enough. For example I have found and bought the following : Southpark lunch box from Hong Kong, leather watch strap for my Guess watch that I have for over 10 years from a manufacturer in Canada, shoe laces in all sizes colours widths -I have found mine for my high converse shoes in US-, One Piece miniature anime figures for a present from a Japan seller, hair extensions from China, laptop case from the UK and my list goes on forever. The market there is global. And the options can be unlimited. If you think something, ebay has it!! 

You can search in auction mode or in buy it now mode for a seller's shop.  For the Auction mode there are sites that can help you win the auction like For the Buy it now option -my favourite mode-: ebay has turned into something like an online mall. There are like shops in a shop that a seller can create and show his/hers merchandise.

But, there are a lot of thing to watch out for here:

    1.   You must read the whole page that the seller has created with all the details of his item for sale. 
    2.   Check the condition of the item (New, Like new, Used) - important that the price must change  
          according to the items' condition.
    3.  The details of the item: sizes (use a conversion table for international sizes if the seller has provided
          information for a size that you are not familiar with or use in your country), dimensions (a lot of sellers
          especially for shoes, clothes,accessories, actual count the dimentions in cm or in of the selling item and           the buyer  has a more clear image of what he buys) .
    4.   Research more than 2 sellers for the same item. You can find the best price if you use the power of
          price comparison.
    5.   Check the sellers rating and read the comments that buyers leave for him (even if the rating is
          considered a good one).
    6.   Paypal should be the only way to pay a seller. The safest way for your credit card usage!
    7.   You can ask ANY question you would like to the seller before you buy.
    8.   Beware of the transportation costs. You pay all the costs (unless the seller clearly states otherwise)!
          So the price of the item is =  item price+transportation costs. You can also ask from the seller for the             total payable amount before you proceed to the payment.
    9.  Keep in mind that customs deal with all the packages from countries coming outside EU.There is a                danger that there will be more costs there from what you have paid for the package to the seller.
         Ask the seller to declare the package as a gift to the sender. A lot of problems with customs can be
         solved that way!
  10.  Enter your interests in your account and a lot of suggestions, according to them, will appear from ebay          at your first page after your login.

    My watching list on ebay right now (a part of it - because it is so big!) ::

        (to be continued with:)

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