Neoprene bikini set - Triangl Dupes arrived!!

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Well, I have been posting and posting about these new triangl bikini dupes and I am absolutely certain that I have become obsessed with them!
I want them all! 
And if you saw my previous posts I have ordered (and reorder - yes....) the best that I could find! And now all of them have arrived! And of course I have photos!!!

This is my favourite one. Yeah!! It IS neoprene! Completely like the original one! Yeah again!!!
Love the colour! Love the material! But (there is a but) the sizing of the top is a little bit off. 
I bought the medium one and it fits a C to D cup and maybe more! This top is for enormous boobage.
It does not look bad when I wear them ( I am a B cup) and I believe that even the top of the small size would still be big...
I still love it though!
A detail to tell you is that it has on the zipper the Triangl logo. So maybe this store is the wholesaler of the brand.

And for everyone interested the webpage to find it is the following one from Aliexpress: 

Oh, this one!
How much I adore this colour! This bikini is also from Aliexpress. 
I was absolutely certain that this item would also be an exact dupe from the original triangl bikini but I was wrong... 
Thankfully, I was not too disappointed! It is NOT a neoprene bikini, even if the site was stating so and had photos of neoprene items to display. The fabric is lycra, like a normal bikini. 
The design though is very close to the original one - they got the exact same colour -yeaah! But again the sizing is off. 
This time I was more aware of what to expect for the sizes and to be sure I bought 2 bikinis -one small and one medium. So I could mix and match what sizes I needed and then give away the other to a friend. 
It was a very cheap bikini. For the two piece (top-bottom) I paid €6,50. 
So for both the cost was €13,00. 
The top of the small piece is better but again is quite big! :O
And I need the medium for the bottom part! 

This item is not listed anymore to Aliexpress website but the seller was this one:

And the last one was the first that arrived and I had shown it to you again to a previous post.
This was a big disappointment but since it was my first bikini order 
I was super excited that I liked it either way! 
It is a blue bikini not mint, like it was showing at the listing of the item, and obviously not neoprene.
 But it is a similar design to the original. 
And of course with a big top like all of them! 
I have repurchased the small one from the same seller to mix again the sizes in order to use it and not keep it stored in my closet.

The ebay page of the item - for anyone interested is:


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