Happy Valentine's day

by - 00:27

I don't know about you guys but I will stay in this Valentine's day!
But to still feel the vibe and love and to celebrate the day I would love to wear one of the items below::

Grey Heart suit

Love socks

Pyjama Love

All White with red hearts suit

Hand love warmer

But if I would go out on a romantic date with my other half I would probably choose one of the following ::

Two piece with hearts

Love earings

Bordeaux heart dress

Or for a more casual look ::

Sweater with red heart patches

Heart glasses

Pink heart shaped bag

And finally some of the items that I really liked and I would choose for a more discrete love look ::

Heart print top

Earings summer love theme

Tights with socks effect and hearts


p.s. For all links of the items, press on the picture label! 

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