Online shopping : : February 2015

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And continuing the online sale shopping also for this month, these are the items that I found!!
Well, they were not on sale, since most of them are from the new spring summer collection, but their prices were amazing! 
I shopped from Sheinside, Banggood, Aliexpress and Forever21, and these are all incredible affordable shops.
I recently found out that Forever21 also ships in Greece and it was such a great find. Their clothes are great and prices are amazing - especially for the sale period. The problem is that the collection is not the same for Europe and US -from a website crash test that I made- and the US site has a bigger variety and the best pieces are only available there.... 
I fell completely in love with this dress (link) and I can only hope to see it also in the EU site sometime within the season!!

From my purchases, this black dress and shirt will be great for spring and I fell in love with this Forever21 bag inspired by Celine's designs!

*The links of all the items are below:

1. A-line black dress   link
2. White peplum shirt    link
3. Forever21 bag  link 
4. Iphone case link
5. World map wallpaper link


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