The affordable gadgets that you can't live without

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There are a number of items that make our daily life easier and prettier!
And these are the ones that I use and I cannot live without!

1. AmazFit Bip Xiaomi Smartwatch

The most affordable smartphone that is the meaning of value for money.
Looks like an AppleWatch and has so many features that is amazing for its price!

2.  Xiaomi Bluetooth Gold Speaker

A portable bluetooth speaker is so usefull! 
You can connect it to any device and listen to your favourite Spotify list everywhere!
This is my current favourite:  All Out 90's 

3. Unicorn Power Bank 8000mAh

Isn't this the cutest powerbank ever?
I have to admit not the easiest one to carry around (and I am always get checked at airports for this strange thing that I carry) but it's worth it!

4. Xiaomi Power Bank 10000mAh Type-C

And this is for the heavy use! It charges my phone around 3-4 times!
Power banks are so needed these days! 

5. Bluetooth Headsets

The most affordable headsets that I found out there that have such a nice style!
And they have so many features for the price 
(you can listen to the radio, connect it with any bluetooth device, add a memory card and listen to mp3 files! wow!)

6.  Unicorn USB Flash Drive 64GB

And also the second cutest unicorn gadget thing out there!
A USB flash drive - but in a unicorn!
And the capacity is massive - 64GB!

7. Wireless Rose-Gold Mouse 

This  mouse is a similar to the Apple one but at a fraction of the price!

8. LED Selfie  Ring Light for Mobile Phone

No description needed here!
Selfie A-game with this one!

9. Phone Stand 

I always need somewhere to rest my phone but be able to have visible contact with the screen!
I was using a simple IKEA stand in a wooden color but this is so much more fun!
(Of course I chose the pink one)

10. Camera Cover (for all devices)

If Mark Zuckenberg needs to cover his camera and mic then so do we!

11. Metal Anti-RFID Card Wallet

This is where my cards will be safe and look good!

12. Ring Phone Holder

It can be added to any case with an adhesive sticker.
And your phone will be dropping on the floor waaay less!

13. Marble Mouse Pad

A stylish mouse needs a stylish mouse pad!

14. RFID Card Protector Sleeve

If you don't have an anti-rfid wallet this is the solution!
Protection sleeves for your credit and debit cards! 

15. Charging cable 

It's a usual thing that all my charging cables are breaking down so fast.
This is the only -quite affordable- solution I have found so far.
They use a different material that is more durable - at least to me!

Hope you'll love everything too!


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