New in 30/12/11

by - 23:26

I went for some shopping today and these are my goodies!
The shoes are great! -Will always love flats!
They are glittery gold-beige! 
And I had to have another one nude nail polish. 
(Will look great with whatever I pick for tomorrow night.)
I also bought a new shirt, blueish. But the photo 
was worst that these two (from my mobile phone all of them)
so I decided not to post it. 

I have been thinking for quite some time to start posting outfits but
I always postpone it (like I do for a lot of things unfortunately).
There are so many outfit and pieces in my haotic wardrope 
that I would like to share.
So hopefully, this will be one of my goals for 2012!
To start uploading you ideas for street fashion looks!

I am wishing you all a wonderfull New Year's Eve with your friends, 
loved ones, family. And to be exactly as you imagined if not better!

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