#PLLreaction WorldWarA for EzrA

by - 18:09

Yesterday I saw the last episode of Pretty Little liars first half of season 4 - 4x12.
And after the first shock of the finale (spoiler alert:::) that EzrA is A,
this is my #PLLreaction tweet for the news!
Go Ateam! Go black hoodies!
(What if he is a creepy pedofile high school teacher that messes around with a number of his underaged students -Alison was 14 when he met her!!!- and pays people to videotape young girls in their rooms getting undressed - omg the case in this tv series is completely twisted and certainly in most of the world is a felony- yet everybody loves the Aria+Ezra romance). 
Everything is excused because he is cute! (OMG!!)

Even though, can't wait to see the next two hour halloween episode on 22nd October.
But as much as I would want to have A revealed, I really believe that is gonna be a twist...
A lot of theories in the web around Aria. With a lot of solid clues!
And now Alison is back in the game for good!

So eager to see how it will continue!


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