A trip down 90's memory lane

by - 15:06

Last Sunday I visited this super amazing cafe place in Pagkrati , the Superfly cafe, that was definately more like an experience than a Sunday's walk.
A place that looked like a time machine sending you back to your childhood.
A place decorated by original 80s items and board games and magazines and sofas and tables made from school desks and chairs. And all furniture looked like they were brought there directly from our childhood photos from our 80s kitchen and living room.
I played a Monopoly game with a board of an edition so old that it was like the ones that I remember me playing as a child and also had notes underneath the board from its previous owner, a boy probably of 8-10 years old, drawing his then neighborhood!!!

And I also found an issue from a magazine that I was fanatically collecting when I was around 7 years old!!!
Unfortunately it was put in a frame and I could not browse a little inside!

All this trip to the past started from a Youtube video from Mikeius about a shop in Athens with vintage toys that made me remember things and items that I had long forget!

If you grew up in Greece during the 80s and 90s this video will make you soo happy and soo nostalgic - maybe also teary I warn you.
(You can find it below)

And found some of my favourite games that I had growing up and it was so amazing how long has past but also how familiar these all are!


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