Online shopping : : July 2017

by - 15:27

Summer Sales! It is again this time of the year!
And of course all shops (online and physical ones) have the best prices!
This year the items that I purchaed where not what I had in mind in the beginning of my search for offers. I have found amazing prices for transitional items that will be with me
for the next season. So, I have been shopping for Fall!
Prices for sweaters, sweatshirts, denim and outerwear were amazing!

Blue and pink sweatshirt (here), White sweater and crochet off-shoulder top (here),
Pink trench coat and Pink coat (here), Black one shoulder sweatshirt (here),
White sweatshirt (here), Dress (here), Denim (here),
Mules (here), Trainers -yes from Zara Kids in size 40- (here)!!

Happy Summer!

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