Online shopping : : Favourite e-shops #2

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    I have recently discovered this online shopping destination and I started to looove it so much!
(3 orders in one month is something!!)

Imagine an e-shop that has gathered all the best items from ebay in clothes, shoes and jewerly. And you can find them easy in one click. This is what sammydress is! And it is so convienient. Ok, ebay is amazing, you can go through pages of search results for hours. But there are so many times that you just spend time watching things you are not interesing in if you are looking for something very specific. That is why you will appreciate sammydress!

It is a Hong Kong based company. [I have heard that Hong Kong's post office is quite amazing which was an additional plus to buy (very fast international shipping) but with my first purchase that was not the case. My package arrived in Greece exactly one month after the order. The same as China post. :/].

The items for sale are mostly clothes and shoes both women and men. And the prices are so affordable!

On the down side the shipping costs are quite high. (They double the item's price sometimes). They are lower for more items, so a solution can be to combine orders with a friend and share the shipping costs.

The variety of the items is huge! And you can find the latest fashion trends! 
Only watch out for the sizes. The shoe sizes are normal but sometimes in ladies shoes the biggest size is 39 (What???) instead of 41 that we have in Europe. So my size 40 is harder to find..... 
And in clothes the sizes are small. (Damn these small Asian girls!) But you can always find the items dimentions to check better the item's size. (I will never come to terms with the fact that I am an L/XL there.......)

Below you can see the first item that arrived yesterday from my first order.
A Zanotti sneaker dupe that I was searching for so much, I finally found it there!! And I could not resist in ordering them also in blue!

And there are more to come (these are on their way!!) :: 


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