Neoprene bikini set - Triangl dupe from ebay

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Photo from ebay seller qwb9876533

I promised..... I really really promised that I will not buy a swimsuit this year...
I have so many already, a lot of them never even worn to the beach, I will not be on vacation for many days this year ( a lot of obligations to handle during this summer to able to be away from home for long)  so I was absolutely certain that my promise will be kept.
And during my boring nights at home surfing on ebay I spotted this listing.
And I completely/ totally fell in love with this item.  (Mint neoprene bikini)
I knew that it reminded me of something I had seen before but I could not tell what.
And I remembered that it looked like the bikinis that all bloggers wore last year from Triangl swimwear (this Australian swimwear and underwear brand bombarded with deliveries to bloggers all over the world  - and with that I realized how influentiantial all these girls are and how big this whole blogging thing has become).
With second thoughts not stopping me, it was added to my basket and paid in a flash!
Yes yes, this purchase was completely impulsive and not researched thoroughly as I always do with Chinese orders - sorry China but ebay is the only place that brings out the racist in me.
(The value for money struggle for items from Chinese market.)
And I am so sorry that I am sometimes right... 
I realized that the photos are too good to be true because these are the actual photos from Triangl swimwear 2014 lookbook..... Steal!!!! 
They looked so ebay - realistic. (That the seller took them to show the quality and details up close.) 
OK,I am already disappointed about this purchase and I am ahead of myself and I hope hope hope that I am overreacting!!!!
The item was sent yesterday by the seller and probably it will take 3-4 weeks to arrive.
I have double/triple crossed my fingers to receive an item similar to this pic!!
And the sizing chart to be as accurate as possible! 
Two things too much to ask???

p.s. This post will be followed up by actual pics as soon as this bikini arrives!!
Actual photos of this item need to be out there!

p.s.2. If my cross finger power will work (Please be a 10-12 uk size mint bikini of tolerable quality !!!!!! ------ super hope!) it would be an amazing bargain since the Triangl item retails for 65€ when this dupe is at 15€ on ebay!


***Update::: Check also the following blogpost link  


*****Update 2:::: The item arrived!!
And you can see it in the picture below!

The color is not mint (like the picture) but blue (very disapponting description).
The fabric is not neoprene but lycra.
The sizing is a bit off but it fits me - more or less.
(I bought the Medium and the top is big and the bottom is a little small.
I am a B cup and this top fits a full C cup.
And my hips are 95cm and this is a little tight.)
But I do like the item and even though there are some small issues I will wear it. 
It is cute and I like the design!

Hope this photo helps!


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