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Well, something is seriously wrong with me....  :)
I live in an online shopping frenzy for the past 2 months!!
I cannot resist!! The prices, the variety, the possibilities, the offers!
So, this is the main topic that I constantly want to discuss and I am hooked every night to these sites searching the best deals! A haul is the only thing that I wanna do right now!
During May was the first wave of online shopping frenzy and the items purchased then arrived the past two weeks. The normal time for items from abroad. I wanna make a blog post so much with my May purchases, but I must find the time since I have everything in my hands (except my swimsuit that I am still expecting..) and I wanna take photos of my own of them. And I will during this week! 

But for now I have prepared a haul with the June purchased items that I am still expecting!

And the most impressive is that the total of these items is around 100$ (a little bit under - wow!)!!

The first two items are from Sheinside.  This is my third order from this site. 
I experienced a problem with my second delivery from them and I was sceptical if I should proceed with a third one but I saw some improvements in their site that pursued me to buy again.
First of all, they label the clothes as "Ships within 24 hours" which means that these items are in stock and I know that I will not have to wait two months (at least) for my item to arrive - like last time that was a nightmare for the waiting of the out of stock items purchased that were not easily spotted and their listings were able to be purchased and paid. 
**Avoid avoid avoid items from this site that are not marked as "Ships within 24 hours".
Second of all, the prices are reasonably reduced since the last time and they are more realistic (close to the prices that similar or same items have on ebay). 
Third, free worldwide shipping is a must (over 30$ that is also reasonable).
And lastly the quality of the items from this site is never dissapointing.
It is a site with great value for money items.

Baby blue flower print open back dress

Daisy flower dress
*I am sorry for the quality of the pictures but it was the best that I could download from their site.


I always use the site of ebay. Mostly because when I started shopping from ebay there were only two available options : (for US mostly)  and (that was for the UK but it started to have listigs for EU also). And after that I stuck to that. I don't know how that has changed or are they both the same now but I stick to the thing I know... (first symptom of getting old(er) - I am sure)
Nevertheless these are the goodies that I am waiting::

Naby blue and white dress

Black cute open back dress

Stipped black and white asymmetrical everyday dress

Black very light trench coat like jacket

Cutest mini beige lace dress

Tulle black maxi skirt

Black 3D rose clutch


This site is another latest addiction. I have only one thing to say to understand : within May I had 14 orders coming here from them. And there were clothes, bags, shoes, accessories. I love banggood because it is the most reliable shop that I have found from a lot of his kind, the dispatch of the items is made within 24 hours (48 max and it happend only to 1 of my 14 orders) of the date of the order. They are super fast! And it is the one with the best prices and a free shipping and accepts returns and has a lot of reviews from customers and a lot of customer pictures of the items. All amazing! I love it when the sites have customers make reviews of their purchased items. It is the best view of an item that anyone can get. Power of the people! 

For June I went only for these brushes (Trying to control it!!) that are highly rated from the site's customers.

Makeup brushes

Note:  You can find links of all the items under their photos for anyone interested!!


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