Golden Globes 2019 : The looks that stood out on the Red Carpet

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Another Golden Globe Award Ceremony!
Well, we like movies, tv series, actors etc. (Netflix almost runs my life) but we are here for the dresses! And I inspected them all (red carpet, arrivals, ceremony, presenters, after party). And the following are the best of the best!

Halle Berry's
 burgundy dress was amazing! And the fit was perfect for her body.
Charlize Theron
 wore an all time classic black and white gown and she is the best example of what it means that in order to stand out you do not have to exagerate.
Lady Gaga!
 I liked the dress. It was unique - loved the color. And, for me, it was as far as she could go with her style but remain award appropriate. And I like the hair too - only because it's her.
Lucy Boynton,
 Bohemian Rapsody actress and Rami Malek's girlfriend - introductions are needed here because I couldn't recognize her in that outfit. I love her gold dress. I love the hair also - it completed the outfit in a more fun and young way since a gold dress is quite "heavy".
Dakota Fanning.
 The pale color of her dress was perfect for her.  And the addition of the bold lipstick was everything. I did not like the necklace though. I would prefer if she would have chosen only a bracelet and earrings.
Lili Reinhart's
 dress! Oh! This is what I will be wearing if/when I will be invited at Golden Globes!
And she looked really good in it! Of course! It's the perfect dress!
Constance Wu.
 I really like the dress - nude with a tulle skirt and with a pop of color to make it more interesting. But I do not like the hair and necklace.
Penelope Cruz.
 Doesn't she look like a queen walking towards her throne? Amazing style! Perfect!
Irina Shayk.
 Gold gown, as sexy as it can be. Everything else kept simple. All in balance!
Katherine Zeta-Jones.
 Red carpet queen always. She is so beutiful and the color of her dress compliments her so much. Love everything!
Emily Blunt.
 Love a lace dress so I am biased here also. Love the color. I would prefer it though  if it was floor length.
Taylor Swift.
 Black, maxi, high slit, bardot style top. Interesting dress and overall very nice style.
Julianne Moore.
 I love bows. So as soon as I saw the back of the dress I loved it. Simple in the front but with a lot of interesting details and a surprise at the back. Looks like a two piece - that it might be- and is perfect on her.

Which dress did you like the most?
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Halle Berry

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Charlize Theron

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Lady Gaga

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Lucy Boynton

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Dakota Fanning

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Lili Reinhart

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Constance Wu

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Penelope Cruz

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Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper

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Catherine Zeta-Jones

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Emily Blunt

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Taylor Swift

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Julianne Moore

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