Sales #1 - Best Picks - ZARA

by - 17:21

Today is the official start of winter sales!
And yes, posts will follow - a lot of them- with the best picks of the sales (according to price discounts but also best value for money) from all the online shopping sites that you must visit!
Of course we will start with ZARA, since these are the items that you should check first since they are running out like crazy!

I set a budget of max 30€ (also 20€ and 10€ according to each clothing category) in order to have the best possible prices out there.
Is it something that you are considering buying?

ZARA Yellow Coat

ZARA Two Color Sweatshirt

ZARA Jumpsuit

ZARA Jacket

ZARA Tweed Dress
ZARA Dress
ZARA Dress
ZARA Dress
ZARA Dress
ZARA Dress
ZARA Joggers
ZARA Knitted Top
ZARA Denim
ZARA Backpack
ZARA Belt Bag


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