Things I am gratefull for....

by - 23:37

Well, today was a strange day.
When I see people that I knew in the past, how they evolved -or not- in their life, it always makes me think of what I expected it from them and how it actually turned out.
And it also makes me think about how much I have changed from the time I knew them.
Today was one of those days. I randomly saw an old friend, we talked and I started thinking how different I am from that time. 5 years have passed and the girl I was back then is so distant to me now.
And it is so great that I saw how far I got.

1 - I am independent (girl power yeah!).

2- I am wiser (not wise - too far from that still)

3 - I learned from my mistakes (I still need to act on one more).

4 - I am self aware (unfortunately I know all my bad sides).

5 - I choose to do things that make me happy!

6 - I want my money where I can see it : : hanging in my closet - my choice!

7 - My job is not the best but I really like doing it!

And I am making one mid-year resolution:

I have more things to be gratefull about than to be sad !

Today I am happier!


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