Sweet carrot with yogurt

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I have never posted a recipe in my blog so far. Although I love cooking, I do not have the time with the job and the school and... life to do it. But this is a recipe that needs to be out there.

It's a traditional Greek recipe for a teaspoon sweet with a twist.

We have grown up here with fruits in a spoon sweets (that is the exact translation of these category of sweets in Greece). And because they were so common and you could find them everywhere - all grandmothers had at least 4 different homemade flavours of them in their kitchen - I snobbed them. But now that grandmothers are not around anymore and they are not so common anymore something happens everytime I find one.

They are simple to make (well most of them - because some fruits need special preparation to stay crunchy after their cooking in syrup), extra delicious and quite healthy - they only have sugar .
(*Yes,I wanna live in a world that sugar is healthy!)

Recently I have tasted in a restaurant a sweet based on this idea but not with a fruit but with carrots!!
And it was completely and uterly delicious! It blew my mind!
Combined with yogurt the result was almost divine - I love sweet and sour tastes.

Below you can find the recipe that I will absolutely try :: as soon as I find the time ://


 1kgr carrots washed,cleaned and shredded 
 1kgr white granulated sugar 
 1lt water 
 2 teaspoons vanilla powder 
 15 pieces of cloves 
 1 lemon (the juice of it)


1. In a large saucepan put water to cover half of the pan and as soon as the water starts boiling we add the shredded carrot inside. We leave it to cook for 12 minutes and then we drain the water.

2. We put in a different saucepan the 1lt of water, the sugar, vanilla, cloves and we constantly stiring it with a wooden spoon. After 25 minutes we also add the lemon juice and 10 minutes after that we add also the carrots. We leave it with all the ingredients to cook for about 10 minutes more and maybe a little bit longer. We observe the consistency of the syrup to understand when it will be ready.

3. To check if the sweet is ready we check the syrup. We remove the spoon that we are stirring the sweet with and we drop a small drop of syrup on a plate. The drop must stay round and firm. It must not loose its form. If the result is watery we continue the boiling of the ingredients for some minutes more and we repeat the check.

4. We store the sweet in airtght jars.

5. Once it is cool you can serve it on any amount of greek yogurt that you prefer. 

This is what you can  find - ready to go - in any traditional Greek culinary store.
If you ever come in Greece choose your favourite fruit and enjoy!
My favourites : bitter orange, quince, pumpkin - yeap all the strange ones / I needed google translate to find the name of the first two in English (wOw)!


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