The best PUMA Sneakers out there

by - 16:33

Every Fall I am searching for the sneakers out there that will be my new shoe of the season. And as of last year I have become totally obsessed with PUMA sneakers. 
Since Rihanna collaboration for the first PUMA x FENTY collection the women's styles are getting better and girlier and cuter.
The big bows, front&back, the new materials, the girly colors, the heart studs.
And I will show my favourites below.
The only problem is that they are too cute to break them.
Yeah I know shoes aren't meant to be kept in a box. Or are they?

Puma Basket Suede Bow

Puma Basket Heart Coach

Puma Basket Heart Teddy

Puma Basket Studs

Puma Suede Bow


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